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I am a Professor in Economics and a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Ireland.  My research interests are in Energy Economics, Behavioural Economics and the Economics of Education.  In 2021, I was appointed as Bursar and Director of Strategic Innovation at Trinity College Dublin.


Prof. Denny awarded large National Energy Grant from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
Dec 2019
Prof. Denny awarded second Horizon 2020 project, SocialRES
May 2019
Prof. Denny is director of new MSc in Economic Policy with the ESRI
June 2021
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Do people trust energy labels?  Do they get excited when they see one?  Recent research published on the psychology of energy labels indicates that trust is a key determinant of attitudes to energy labels.  In addition, there are important cognitive and emotional pathways through which people engage with energy labelling.

How much more rent would a tenant be willing to pay to get a more energy efficient property?  Is the additional rent enough to incentivise landlords to invest in building improvements? This research published in the Energy Policy journal uses a discrete choice experiment to examine willingness to pay for energy efficiency by renters and explores the relative importance of the property's energy efficiency in contrast to its size, location, safety and other aspects of potential properties.

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